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Great Basin Highlights

• Lakeside Gardens

• Lakeside Terrace

• The Serpentine bridge

• Evening Island

• Water Gardens

• McGinley Pavilion



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Hundreds of crabapples bloom in the Gardens of the Great Basin.

Gardens of the
Great Basin

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Circle Garden

Experience the scenic walkways, beautiful gardens, and breathtaking views that encircle the Chicago Botanic Garden's central lake.

The Gardens of the Great Basin — the Water Gardens, Lakeside Gardens, and Evening Island — encircle the Garden's central lake and extend into the water. They are linked by scenic pathways and distinctive bridges, and graced with terraces, overlooks, and seating areas of the lake and surrounding gardens.

Together, the Gardens of the Great Basin create an extraordinary sensory experience — one that changes with the seasons, the hours of the day, and each step along the path.

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