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A Garden volunteer talks about his favorite gardens, including the Dwarf Conifer Garden.

Dwarf Conifer Garden

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Dwarf and slow-growing conifers in all their colorful, textural beauty are found in this four-season hillside garden.

The Dwarf Conifer Garden showcases more than 150 different kinds of the smaller members of the conifer family.

Conifers are plants that bear cones. Mostly native to the earth’s northern hemisphere, conifers have skinny needlelike or scalelike leaves that help reduce moisture loss and allow snow to be shed easily.

The conifer family includes both the oldest living thing on earth (Pinus aristata, or bristlecone pine, known to reach 4,000+ years old) and the largest (Sequoia sempervirens, or coast redwood, nearly 400 feet tall). Dwarf conifers are trees that do not reach the normal size of what is typical for their species.

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