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The Chicago Botanic Garden invests in educating children of all backgrounds to inspire careers in science. Students everywhere face the threats and uncertainties of a changing planet, but with opportunity, training, and determination, students in Garden programs provide a ray of hope for our future.

When you watch this video, you will see the future is very bright.

There currently is a lack of scientists studying ways to solve climate change and other threats to plants and our planet. The Chicago Botanic Garden is one of the few places in the world where students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, in programs from preK to Ph.D., are learning the specific skills of conservation science and restoration ecology.

When you see this video featuring students in Garden programs from Chicago Public Schools, we hope you will be inspired to make a tax deductible donation to the Chicago Botanic Garden so we may continue to invest in future scientists and preserve life on earth for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations.