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Illinois Learning Standards

The Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) define what all students in all Illinois public schools should know and be able to do in the seven core areas as a result of their elementary and secondary schooling. Below is a list of our programs and the standards criteria/code each program meets in its curriculum.

Grade Level Guided Program IL Standards
Pre-K – K Discovering Plants 11AECa, 11AECb, 11BECa,12CEC
Pre-K – 2 Trains & Trees 11AECa, 12AECa; 11A1a, 12C1b
K – 2 Surprising Seeds 12A1a, 12A1b, 12C1b
Garden Groceries 12A1a, 12A1b, 12C1b
A Walk in the Woods 12B1a, 12B1b
Insect Investigations 12A1a, 12A1b,12B1a
K – 5 Science Sleuths 11A1a, 12A1a; 12C1b, 12A2a
3 – 5 Flower Lab 12A2a, 12B2a
Plant Propagation 12A2a, 12B2b
Pondering the Prairie 11A2b, 12B2a, 12B2b
Forest Fundamentals 12B2a, 12B2b
6–12 Water Quality 11A3a, 11A3c, 11A3f
Ecosystems & Adaptations 12A3c, 12B3b
Photosynthesis 11A3a, 11A3c, 11A3f
Green Buildings 11B2a, 11B2c, 1B2d, 11B2e
Grade Level Self-Guided Backpack IL Standards
K – 5 Malott Japanese Garden 11A1a; 16 E1(W); 26A1e
K – 2 Sensory Garden 11A1a, 12A1a, 12C1b
3 – 5 McDonald Woods 11A2b, 11A2d, 12B2a