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2014 Master Gardener Online Training Program Application


Application submission for the 2014 program is now closed.

Because there are not enough resources to accommodate everyone who applies to the program, class size is limited. For consideration in the program, each applicant is required to complete and submit an application, participate in an in-person interview, provide personal references, and successfully pass the background check process.

The U of I Extension Master Gardener Program is a training and volunteer program. After the training and 60 hours of volunteer time, you will be certified as a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener. (If you are accepted into the Chicago Botanic Garden program, you will be expected to volunteer at the Garden.)

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Background Information

How did you hear about this program?

Briefly explain why you would like to become a U of I Extension Master Gardener volunteer?

What is your horticulture background?*

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Learned from personal experience
Attended informal gardening classes in community settings
Certified as a Master Gardener from another country or state
Completed some college-level horticulture training
Earned degree in horticulture or related field
Work or worked in the horticulture industry (greenhouse, garden center, lawn care, etc.)
Supervised employees in the horticulture industry


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Do you have formal or informal teaching, mentoring, or coaching experience at any of the following levels? (Select all that apply.) Elementary
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Trade or Professional School
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Training Requirements

If you are accepted for the Master Gardener training program, will you be able to fulfill the 60 hour volunteer requirement?* Yes No
Are you currently a volunteer at the Chicago Botanic Garden?* Yes No
Please tell the days and times your are available to volunteer:

Additional Comments

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