Chicago Botanic Garden


Deer Grate Installation


While beautiful to see in the wild, deer pose a threat to the Garden's collections.

PHOTO: Soaker hoses keep water from evaporating in hot weather.

In addition to existing deer fencing, deer grates are being installed at Garden entrances.

Lake Cook Road Entrance and Exit Equipped with Deer Grates

This winter, construction is underway at the Garden's entrance and exit along Lake Cook Road.

The Garden, with its bountiful plant life, has long been a habitat for small wildlife. While many species of wildlife, such as birds, add to the vibrancy of the Garden, others, such as deer, pose a threat to its vitality from the the plant collections to the on-site research projects. As the local deer population has grown in recent years, it has become necessary for the Garden to take steps to prevent them from entering the property.

In 2005 the Garden constructed a wall along the Edens expressway, and in 2010 a deer exclusion fence was added around the entire periphery of the property. The gates leading into the Garden then became more frequent access points for deer. In response, in early 2011 a grate was installed in the Dundee Road service gate, with great success.

This winter, the Garden will complete the deer exclusion project by installing an additional deer grate in the pavement at the Lake Cook entrance and exit point. The project will be completed by spring, when bulbs will begin to emerge and bloom at the Garden.