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Current Books & Book Reviews

Current Books on Gardening & Botany is an Internet-only journal reviewing new books and other media about gardening, horticulture, and botany. Reviews cover a wide range of new literature in print and digital form and are written primarily by the staff of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Title Volume Number
Essays on Nature and Landscape 5 3
Wildflowers 5 3
Saving Migrant Birds: Developing Strategies for the Future 5 3
Bronx Ecology: Blueprint for a New Environmentalism 5 3
Gardenhome/city: Creating an Urban Haven 5 2
In Search of the Perfect Pumpkin 5 2
Ozark Wildflowers: An Ecological Guide to Flowering Plants in the Region 5 2
Elements of Mathematical Ecology 5 2
Lessons from Mother Earth 5 2
The Desert Smells Like Rain: A Naturalist in O'odham Country 5 2
Insects and Bugs 5 2
Hot Plants for Cool Climates: Gardening with Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones 5 2
Gentianaceae: Systematics and Natural History 5 2
Tough Plants: Unkillable Plants for Every Garden 5 2
Around the House and in the Garden: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Healing and Home Improvement 5 2
Into the Woods: John James Audubon Lives His Dream 5 2
In Search of Lost Roses. 5 2
What Planet Are You From, Clarice Bean? 5 1
Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines: A Guide to Using, Growing, and Propagating North American Woody Plants 5 1
The Potting-Shed Papers: On Gardens, Gardeners, and Garden History 5 1
Window Gardens for Windows, Walls, Decks, and Balconies 5 1
Clivias 5 1
Food for All: The Need for a New Agriculture 5 1
A Child's Garden: Introducing Your Child to the Joys of the Garden 5 1
The Book of Bromeliads and Hawaiian Tropical Flowers 5 1
The House in Bloom 5 1
The Rose's Kiss: A Natural History of Flowers 5 1
Wild Apples and Other Natural History Essays 5 1
Plant Roots: The Hidden Half 5 1
Glorious Indoor Gardens 5 1