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Taylor's Guide to Trees

Taylor's Guide to Trees
Susan A. Roth
Boston: Houghton Mifflin
Publication Date: 

paper, 408 p., $23

In this new edition of Taylor's Guide to Trees, Susan Roth provides the latest information on 200 genera and 350 species of shade trees, ornamentals and conifers. These gentle giants of the landscape are among the most permanent living residents of our gardens, providing shade, refuge and clean air. The proper care and handling of trees is well covered in this book, along with a gallery of some 200 photographs of different trees. Key features of each tree are covered, plus plenty of details on planting and caring for trees in both urban and suburban environments. An appendix provides information on the most desirable kinds of trees and their preferences. A very fine tree guide for beginners and experienced arborists, this book will be a constant companion for those who care for trees and for those simply enamoured of their presence.

— Jean E. Bedger, Volunteer, Library, Chicago Botanic Garden.