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So You Want to Start a Nursery

So You Want to Start a Nursery
Tony Avent
Timber Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 340 p., $24.95

This remarkable book, written with humor and wit, is for anyone interested in the nursery business. Written by Tony Avent, a nurseryman who has experienced nearly everything, So You Want to Start a Nursery is a basic text that covers nearly every aspect of the business from plant production to customer delivery, from government regulations to employee relations, and much more. There is really no contemporary book on the market that addresses all of these issues as well.

Every aspect of plant production is carefully analyzed, with strategies and pitfalls described in detail. Avent examines the wide variety of niches for nurseries and helps readers decide what their niche might be, from mail order to wholesale business. His enjoyable and understandable solutions to many problems will please many plant enthusiasts — even those not contemplating a nursery start-up.

— Elaine M. Juhl, master gardener and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden