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The Scandinavian Garden

The Scandinavian Garden
Karl-Dietrich Buler
London: Frances Lincoln,
Publication Date: 

cloth, 192 p., $50

No pretty English cottage gardens, no neatly clipped boxwood hedges, no formal mazes, no sunny Florentine terraces here. In Scandinavia, the gardens belong to nature, hidden deep in birch woods, clinging against the mountainside or winding along the rock-strewn seacoast. Whether in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland, these gardens are wild. This book illustrates these wild places in a series of beautiful photographs, each image a personal document of someone's dream place out in the country. There are moss gardens, heath gardens, sand gardens, rock gardens, gardens of wildflowers and ferns tucked away in the forest, all with interesting stories of their owners. Sometimes, these owners turn out to be personalities like Edvard Grieg, Alvar Aalto or Isak Dinesen. Often, the stories of the talented landscape designers who helped them achieve their dream are just as interesting. Wild gardens hold a special appeal to me, so I found this book fascinating.

— Jim Kemper