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Heritage Gardening

Judyth A. McLeod
New South Wales: Simon & Schuster Australia
Publication Date: 

paper, 256 p.

A superlative presentation, this book describes old plants of merit that have, often miraculously, survived the alarming forces of genetic erosion unleashed by uncaring humans. Judyth McLeod, a professor of horticulture at the University of Western Sydney, and her husband and photographer Keith, are two of Australia's leading plant conservationists; they also own the intriguing Honeysuckle Cottage Nursery on a mountainside near Sydney. They have traveled the world to bring plants and knowledge to their readers and, unquestionably, her students as well as the customers of their nursery. The histories of distinguished plants are well placed within the broader context of man's interaction, for better or worse, with the plant kingdom. This book is indeed a treasure, which will enrich the lives of those fortunate to encounter and absorb it and the lessons it so gracefully brings to the reader.

— John Swenson, Plant Collector and Master Gardener at the Chicago Botanic Garden.