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Gardens of the French Riviera

Gardens of the French Riviera
Louisa Jones
Publication Date: 

paper, 200 p., $29.95

For anyone who aspires to visit French Riviera gardens, for those who have already been there, and for gardeners everywhere who love great gardens, this book should be included in your library. The much-admired Mediterranean climate, both along the coast and further inland, is amenable to gardens and their profuse collections of exotic (by Midwestern standards) plants. The sheer floral abundance is overwhelming, and the photography brings the sea breezes and scents to the imagination of the reader. Large photographs are thankfully numerous in this work, and they are in sharp focus with botanically accurate labels.

Each garden is described in detail; histories of large public gardens are also included. In this book you will find the art-filled Maeght Foundation garden, Madame Rothschild's "Ile de France" and the exotic cactus garden of Monaco. Garden addresses, a map, tourist information and a list of plants commonly found in these gardens are also part of this beautiful book.

— Adele Kleine, Library Volunteer and Master Gardener, Chicago Botanic Garden, and contributing writer to Chicagoland Gardening magazine