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Garden Antiques and Collectibles

Garden Antiques and Collectibles
Terri Dunn
New York: Friedman/Fairfax
Publication Date: 

paper, 72 p., $12.95

Charming displays of garden ornaments, antiques and vintage furniture, pots and containers, and assorted whimsical touches are portrayed in this book. Each page illustrates the appeal of these collectibles in the garden, blending harmoniously with the beauty of nature. With this book in hand, you'll visualize the charm and distinction of old patio chairs, handmade jars and pots, specially designed bird houses and statues. There's no sales pitch, since sources and prices are not provided. There are suggestions and precautions on how to shop for unusual pieces. The settings are grand in this book, illustrating how best to blend furniture with beautiful flowers, all to give your garden a special personality. As an introduction to garden antiques and ornament, this book will point you in the right direction to think about collectibles in a different light.

— Jean E. Bedger, Volunteer and Researcher, Library, School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.