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Fungi of Australia: The Smut Fungi

Fungi of Australia: The Smut Fungi
Kálmán Vánky and Roger G. Shivas
CSIRO Publishing
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Cloth, with CD–ROM, 267 pp., $115.00

Writing of the smut diseases of Australia, biologists Kálmán Váanky and Roger Shivas tell of these devastating fungi that harass the plants of that country. The earliest identified specimen was collected in a sedge around 1802, so this long history clearly indicates that fungi have been a problem for an extensive period. New species continue to be found, in ever growing numbers, indicative of the seriousness of the threat to Australian agriculture. As the first volume on the subject in more than 100 years, the book is clearly an important work on the classification of individual species. It contains an identification key to genera and species with descriptions and comprehensive list of specimens. The accompanying CD provides further information on smut species, including a distribution map and more than 1,000 images.

— Marilyn K. Alaimo, garden writer and volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden