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Choosing Small Trees

Choosing Small Trees
Peter McHoy
Laurel Glen Publishing
Publication Date: 

cloth, 128 p., $19.95

Not only does this book's glorious photography impress you, but its intelligent graphics also present readable material on a needy topic. Useful advice abounds, with categories including the role of trees in garden design, choosing trees for different sites and possible problems. Sensual pleasures, practical details and a sophisticated presentation add up to a unique book in Choosing Small Trees.

My two caveats emanate from the gardening perspective of a zone 5 Midwesterner. While Mr. McHoy covers 40 small trees, only half of them are hardy here. Take care and cross-reference these recommendations with other texts, since many of those trees do not thrive in the Midwest's harsh environment. Secondly, the species and cultivars listed will challenge you (especially the professional landscaper) to locate them. I'd suggest reading this yourself and then sending it along to a fellow gardener in a gentler zone.

— Julie Siegel, Landscape Designer, Master Gardener and Volunteer, Chicago Botanic Garden